About Us

Friends of Mutton Cove aimed to preserve the diverse vegetation of Mutton Cove and to protect the habitat of native birds, reptiles and migratory birds.

Vit Karnaitis had childhood memories of Mutton Cove, before an embankment was placed across the mouth of Mutton Cove in the 1970s and the surrounding areas filled with industrial waste and dredge spoils. Vit, with his wife Cheryl, began in 1999 to restore Mutton Cove through enabling Mutton Cove Creek to again be flushed by Port River tidal flows.

An Environmental Management Plan for Mutton Cove was prepared by Faith Cook and Peri Coleman in 2003.

Mutton Cove is a Conservation Reserve and zoned as MOSS (Conservation).


Mutton Cove is part of the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary, was a great place to observe Port River dolphins, and offered views to the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary.

There was a walking trail around the perimeter of the reserve (now disrupted by breach on eastern boundary) and easy entrance from Mersey Road. There’s panoramic views from there of Mutton Cove, The Port River, Torrens Island and the Adelaide Hills.

Friends of Mutton Cove welcomed new members to join in planting, advocacy, weeding, maintaining tree guards and enjoying the beauty of Mutton Cove.

Most of the photos on this website are taken by Kym Murphy, on his regular visits there.